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  • Client Bullish Exchange
  • Date August 2, 2022
  • The BULLISH.COM website project was focused on developing a marketing platform for a cryptocurrency exchange. As the lead web developer, I spearheaded the project from its inception, taking charge of the architecture planning and initial code layout. The initial phase began with a simple content management system (CMS), which I helped scale into a more comprehensive web multi-system to meet the specialized needs of marketing a crypto exchange. I worked closely with the team to design a flexible system that allowed the marketing team to swiftly adapt content, launch new campaigns, and introduce pages that could engage and inform users about the exchange's features and benefits. This level of adaptability was crucial for staying competitive in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading.

    I oversaw a team of six developers located in different regions. This setup presented unique challenges in terms of coordination and maintaining a cohesive workflow. Our key objectives were ensuring timely delivery, managing stakeholder expectations, and driving the development process forward while adhering to high coding standards. To meet these goals, I focused on efficient project management practices, such as using Jira for task tracking and fostering a culture of regular code reviews to maintain code quality and facilitate feature development.

    The security aspect of the site was particularly important, given the sensitive nature of the financial information and transactions associated with a crypto exchange. From the early stages of architecture planning, I prioritized the implementation of stringent security protocols, balancing these with the need for a high-performing website. This required a thoughtful approach to coding practices and a commitment to continuous testing and improvement. The project was not just about building a marketing site; it was about creating a secure, efficient platform that could effectively promote the crypto exchange and build trust with its users. Through teamwork and a commitment to best practices, we developed a site that not only met but exceeded these objectives.